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{March 1, 2014}   Philly Book Picks

The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything: The Why of Why Your Business Isn’t

Making More Money!


Why your business isn’t succeeding and what you can do about it !

While business consultants are having you scour over profit and loss statements, the real truth is businesses don’t fail; people quit. The Way You Do Anything Is the Way You Do Everything offers a realistic, sarcastic, and fiercely honest look at how business owners fail to commit. Business success is all about mindset, and author Suzanne Evans helps you uncover your goals and blast away the obstacles that are standing in your way. She offers ways to make more money, more quickly and eliminate everything that doesn’t work.

  • Offers specific daily practices to make more money even when every odd is stacked against you
  • Delivers the road map to abandon a job you hate and follow your professional dreams
  • Author Suzanne Evans went from a secretary to seven figure success, and her story has helped her to mentor thousands to change their lives, businesses, and finances forever.

Author Susan Evans Book link:

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{January 12, 2014}   Poetry Pick For The Week

As the owner of; this book review site. I received a lot of teen poem entry, for this week. I decided to pick teenager “Delilah “poem, because it showed only the strong survive. You will always have negative people coming for you.  But always stay positive. Just follow your dreams and stay on your career path. The negative people will DESTROY themselves; without you lifting a finger. Always; Dream Big Kids!

I Follow My Dreams

I get laughed at,
I get ignored,
I often feel trapped,
and keep my thoughts stored.
People can be cruel and very mean,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreamsLife has waves,
I know that.
But I stand brave,
and just take the crap.
I may feel exhausted and totally creamed,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams.I know what I want,
and I won’t stop trying.
Quitting? I can’t,
for now I’m flying.
It’s impossible, it seems,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams…

By teen poet Delilah

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{January 2, 2014}   Furniture Makeovers Ideals

Readers; I am tired of buying new furniture every three years. I found this perfect book on furniture makeovers. I love working with my hands on furniture, plumbing, electricity and cooking. The book ” Furniture Makeovers; techniques for transforming furniture with paint , stains, paper , stencils and more”  shows how to transform tired furniture into stunning showpieces. Can’t wait to try out some of author Blair ideals.


Book Description:

 The book offers 26 easy-to-follow techniques that can be applied to all different types of pieces, from bookshelves to desks: painting, applying gold leaf, wallpapering, distressing, dip dyeing, and more. In addition to the core techniques, author and Knack Studios founder Barb Blair shares 30 beautiful before-and-after makeovers from her studio and outlines how to achieve each look. With helpful step-by-step photographs, a visual glossary explaining all the tools and materials needed, and a lovely contemporary aesthetic, Furniture Makeovers is a treasure trove of ideas and instruction for the home decorator.
Author Bio:

{December 31, 2013}   Happy New Year








99 CENT  Download Book Link:

Look for some great and easy recipes to make for your family. Check out author and  chef Giada De Laurentiis cook book. Every recipe is easy to follow and make. Giada De Laurntiis stars in her own food cooking  network television show on Comcast Cable called ” Everyday Italians De Laurntiis “. No processes foods all home-made cooking , buy the book readers.  Delicious and amazing  recipes !


 Author Bio:

Giada De Laurentiis is the star of Everyday Italian on Food Network. She attended the Cordon Bleu in Paris, and then worked in a variety of Los Angeles restaurants, including Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, before starting her own catering and private-chef company, GDL Foods. The granddaughter of movie producer Dino De Laurentiis, she was born in Rome and grew up in Los Angeles, where she now lives. This is her first book.
Book Link :
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{December 16, 2013}   Merry Christmas

Readers ; do you remember the movie you watched on Christmas night . This is one of my favorite one’s ;watch and enjoy . Merry Christmas everyone !



Jennifer Hudson Christmas songs video link

{December 13, 2013}   MY ONE MINUTE DAILY PRAYER


Dear God,

I thank you for; letting me wake up today.

I thank you for; my two children’s.

I ask that you; keep my children’s from all danger and harm today.

I am blessed because you are a forgiving God and merciful God.

Thank you for ; being a great listener, provider and adviser . Amen !

By Faith


{December 4, 2013}   Book Pick For The Week

The second book of the Alien Encounters Series was worth the wait. Are you looking  for an science fiction book with a lot of galaxy adventure and fantasy. The people on earth have two choices; ignore the facts. There are other planets or acknowledge Peggy help.  “Readers download this book for only $1.49 on your tablet, phone, computer or something similar?”   You won’t be disappointed !


Book Description:

In Gone Home, the second installment in the Alien Encounters Series, Peggy goes back to her home world, Sylax.We learn of Peggy’s life before her Earth mission. She has a loving Mother, her CK-1 creator, who loves her like a daughter, even for her PSI abilities. Mother wants Peggy to be a part of the mighty Docan forest of Sylax’s past, but also wants Peggy to move on and accept her greater destiny. Will Peggy accept her destiny as a CK-1 child and move to a life beyond the Docan?When Peggy arrives on Sylax she is met with disappointment, and disapproval of her failed mission, but was it?Sylaxian Council Member Sygen confronts Peggy with his concerns, and fears that Mitch Christie’s destructive nature could mean yet another dangerous member on the Council should Earth be invited to join. The Queen and her second in command, QET Jenkins, want Peggy to return to Earth. Will Peggy use her prowess to convince Sygen and the Council to welcome Earth so she can go back?


Author Bio:

Kim writes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance. She likes to weave her stories around strong and independent female protagonists, something that seems to be lacking in science fiction. Her first novella is part of The Alien Encounters Series; a set of five serials formatted much like Steven King‘s serial novel The Green Mile.As a former science teacher Kim wanted to create stories that would make her female science student feel welcome, an experience she didn’t get from the genre herself when she was younger.Kim was raised in a military home. Born in PEI but moved around Atlantic Canada she calls Nova Scotia home. She lives in Dartmouth with her husband and a library full of books, as rare as those are. She takes photographs to provide inspiration for her work and paints in her spare time to relax.

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{November 17, 2013}   Happy Thanksgiving !

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving readers ? I am making my mama’s sweet potatoes pie . We will  love to see your favorite recipe on Philly book picks, come an post your Holiday dish. Happy Thanksgiving !

1. Heat oven to 350°F. In large bowl whisk or stir together all ingredients except pie crust; mix until well blended.

2. Unroll pie crust; press into 9-inch pie pan. Crimp edges as desired. Pour sweet potato mixture into pie crust. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean, covering crust with foil if it browns too quickly**. Cool completely. Serve immediately or refrigerate, enjoy!

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{November 14, 2013}   Book Pick For The Week!

Kids just want to be grown up and never be told what to do. They think they already know everything and adults are wrong. This book ” I Just Want to Do It My Way ” is an great children’s book on using better listening skills, better behavior chooses, and develop healthy relationships.


Book Description :

R J’ s way of doing things isn’t working out for him, especially in math class. His teacher is upset because so many of his assignments are missing or incomplete. R J’s blames Norma the booger picker and Rodney the alphabet burper for distracting him during class. The fifth and final book in Julia Cook’s award-winning series, Best Me I Can Be! Follow RJ as he learns he can save himself a lot of grief if he stays on task and does things the right way!


Author Bio:

Julia Cook, a former teacher and school counselor, writes books for children that let them laugh while learning to solve their own problems, use better behavior, and develop healthy relationships. She has authored more than 30 books for children and teachers. She has received the Association for Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, and her books have been honored by The National Parenting Center and Mom’s Choice Awards.With over a million books in print, Julia Cook, a former school counselor and teacher, never dreamed she could evolve into an award-winning children’s book author. Several years ago, Julia was searching for an effective story to teach children about the differences between tattling and telling. When she couldn’t find the right resource, she decided to write her own book – Tattle Tongue.

Book Link:

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